Call For Papers

Presentation formats

  • Keynote lectures. Presentation of innovative research or practice on specific topic. The duration of keynote lecture is limited to 45 minutes with additional 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
  • Oral presentations. Single paper presentation of one or more co-authors. Duration of each contribution is limited to 15 minutes with additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Based on the content, single papers will be clustered in several groups, proposed by Scientific Committee.
  • Posters. Posters are short research or inventive practice presentations displayed on a large printed poster. A 60 minutes long session will be organized for authors to present their work, where the conference participants will have a chance to interact with the authors.  In guided presentations presenters will each have 5 minutes to briefly present their poster. Presenters are kindly asked to bring handouts on their poster for interested visitors. Maximum size of poster is A0 format.
  • Symposium. A symposium consists of three to six presentations and includes the chairperson. It provides research reports, inventive practice and/or new theoretical perspectives on a particular subject. Each session will last for 90 minutes, which includes the time for discussion.

Proposal for symposiums is submitted only by a chairperson. The chairperson submits the abstract and suggested presenters with topics covered by each presenter.

  • Workshops. In this session, experts give a practical presentation on given topic, where participants can get a “hands-on experience”. Workshops will be scheduled for 90 minutes, including introduction, main activity and discussion.
  • Round table. A session at which a group of people participate in an intensive discussion and debate on a particular topic.
  • Panel sessions. Panel sessions involve up to five panelists exchanging viewpoints on a specific topic or challenge. The discussion will be moderated by a session chair.

Publication of abstracts in the journal Horizons of Psychology

The abstracts of contributions of all types (posters, oral presentations, keynotes and invited speaches) will be published in the journal Horizons of Psychology (Psihološka obzorja). The members of the Editorial Board also encourage the authors to submit the articles, based on their presentations, to the Horizons of Psychology.

Horizons of Psychology publishes articles from all fields of psychology, as well as interdisciplinary articles and articles from neighbouring fields. Hence, the authors can be either psychologists or non-psychologists, addressing issues involving psychology from the points of view they are experts in. The aim of the journal is to encourage empirical and theoretical research in psychology in Slovenia and abroad by publishing and critically reviewing original research, theoretical discussions, methodological novelties and contemporary professional experience. The journal is trying to promote publication of results of relevant scientific research, while at the same time it is aimed at publishing technical papers reporting on professional issues and enquiries, psychological practice, recommendations, opinions and dilemmas. Horizons of Psychology are indexed in Scopus, Academic OneFile (Gale – Cengage Learning) and PsycINFO.